Why Telos

In today’s complex and ever-changing world, choosing the right financial adviser to assist you with your unique financial needs and goals can be overwhelming. With seemingly unlimited options for getting investment advice, determining who will help you manage your investments and retirement savings is vitally important to your financial well-being, and requires careful consideration.

As fiduciary advisers, we help provide financial security and peace of mind by helping you navigate through both challenging and prosperous markets. We take an active approach to asset management that is based on discipline and diversification. What’s more, we are owned entirely by our principals. This independence helps ensure that we answer to only you, our client.

The Client Experience

Achieving your financial goals involves more than simply picking the right investments: We take the time to thoroughly understand your financial situation and work with you to develop and execute a sound investment strategy that encompasses every aspect of your financial life and your long-term goals.

Our Thoughtful 4-Step Approach to Investing



1. Learn & Explore

During this step, we are getting to know you, ask questions and focus on your concerns and objectives. We gather your current financial information, mutually define your personal and financial goals and discuss the steps needed to achieve them.

2. Analyze & Develop

At this stage, we go into more depth. We analyze your financial situation, define your risk profile and offer potential solutions. This data gathered serves to develop your investment policy statement.

3. Implement

The primary objective of this step is to successfully implement your personalized investment strategy. We identify the specific investments that best align with the strategy you have chosen, and help you achieve your investment goals.

4. Monitor & Review

We monitor your accounts on an ongoing basis to ensure that your investment objectives are being met, and make necessary changes and refinements as changing economic and market conditions dictate. Regular review meetings with you will help ensure that changes in personal circumstances and financial markets will not impact your ability to reach your financial goals.

As our process is ongoing, it does not end with Step 4. Rather, we will continue to explore the changes in your life and goals, adjusting our recommendations as necessary, implementing any new strategies, and monitoring the results throughout our relationship together.

Investment Philosophy

We adhere to a guiding set of principles in providing investment advice. Our objective is to help you achieve your long-term financial goals through a disciplined, well-defined investment approach that is guided by the following time-tested principles:

<strong>Asset Allocation&#160;</strong>

Asset Allocation 

Your asset allocation should be designed to meet your specific investment objectives, such as income maximization, tax-advantaged investing, wealth preservation, and growth of capital. We utilize a multi-asset-class approach to create a diversified portfolio that seeks to maximize expected return for the level of risk.



Diversification is one of the most effective ways to help manage investment risk. Effective global diversification has historically reduced portfolio volatility to provide risk-adjusted returns. Of course, diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against losses.

<strong>A Disciplined Process</strong>

A Disciplined Process

We apply a disciplined fundamental research process to identify investment opportunities and drive buy and sell decisions. All investment holdings are continuously monitored to help ensure they remain suitable for your portfolio. We don’t take unnecessary risks with your money, and never blindly follow the crowd.

<strong>Long-Term Goals</strong>

Long-Term Goals

The primary focus of our investment strategies is to keep you on the path to achieving your long-term financial goals. We believe that patience, discipline, and a willingness to ignore the market’s day-to-day fluctuations are the time-honored elements to build, enhance, and preserve wealth.

<strong>Ongoing Portfolio Management</strong>

Ongoing Portfolio Management

Your investments will be monitored using active and ongoing portfolio management. Rather than pursuing a buy-and-hold strategy, we seek to proactively adjust investment exposure to the prevailing market environment with disciplined attention to downside risk.

<strong>Active Risk Management</strong>

Active Risk Management

Limiting losses in volatile markets is as important as realizing upside potential. We employ a rigorous risk process in selecting securities and managing portfolios to tactically adjust long-term strategies as the markets shift.

<strong>Sensitivity to Taxes and Expenses</strong>

Sensitivity to Taxes and Expenses

We seek to achieve attractive after-tax total returns for you through strategies such as tax-loss harvesting and the proper placement of investments within taxable and tax-deferred accounts. Our asset-based fee structure ensures that our interests are fully aligned with yours.

The Telos Difference

We have found that our core values are one of the most important considerations for clients in deciding to work with us. These core values govern how we conduct our business and build enduring relationships.

The acronym TELOS forms the cornerstone of our core values:

Trust & Integrity

  • The most valuable asset we hold is your trust, and we strive to earn that trust every day.
  • We foster your trust by gaining a thorough understanding of your financial goals and delivering solutions tailored to your objectives, risk tolerance, and needs.
  • The ultimate reason why our clients believe in us is our integrity. Our firm promotes the highest ethical standards and holds every team member accountable to its strict code of ethics.

Experience and Judgment

  • Our diverse team of highly qualified and experienced individuals enables us to provide a comprehensive range of services and helps assure you that we have the skills to provide the best advice possible.
  • Our team includes five Chartered Financial Analysts® (CFAs®) and four CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professionals, in addition to team members with other advanced professional designations.
  • With an investment team that brings deep knowledge and decades of experience to every client relationship, we can help you manage risk, navigate turbulent markets, and keep you focused on what really matters—your long-term goals.
  • We believe that our depth of knowledge, sound professional judgment, rigorous research, and disciplined investment approach are the keys to helping you achieve and maintain financial well-being.

Long-Term Focus

  • Experience has taught us that successful investing requires a consistent, disciplined approach and the patient execution of a long-term strategy.
  • We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients through ongoing communication and interaction.
  • Our unique team culture has fostered high staff retention, resulting in stable, long-tenured staff and a better client experience.
  • Our firm is positioned for long-term growth and the continued delivery of excellent service to which our clients have become accustomed to.

Objective and Independent advice

  • Clients come first in every investment decision that we make. As fiduciaries, we are obligated to act in your best interest. Thus, ethically, legally, and philosophically, our interests are aligned with yours.
  • Being independent allows us to offer objective advice based on what’s best for you. We are not beholden to proprietary products and have no vested interest in promoting a particular product or service.
  • Objectivity requires that we make full and adequate disclosures of all fees and facts so you can make informed decisions.

Security of Client Assets

  • The safety and security of your assets is of the utmost importance to us.
  • Our firm does not take possession of any clients assets, but uses leading independent third-party brokerage firms to provide an added level of safety.
  • We have the authority to direct trades but no authority to initiate asset or wire transfers. Client funds will never be commingled with any other party’s investments.

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